14-Year-Old Delhi Girl Raped By her own Stepfather For almost 2 Years

A painter by the profession, who fill colour in people’s life took out the whole colour of life from her own stepdaughter. He is arrested by Delhi Police in case of Rape. Rapes are now common life a normal crime. Small kids who don’t understand what thing it is are suffering most. In alone 2017 many rapes happened simultaneously. In most cases, relatives found guilty.
The 38 years old man was arrested on April 22 by police. Police said in the official statement that the stepfather doing rape for almost 2 years and threatening her every day to not reveal about the incident to anyone.
This case is opened when her mother takes her to the government dispensary for the treatment. Doctors found that she is raped by somebody and they told her mother about that and called the Police as well as Delhi Child Protection Unit (DCPU). The case has been registered and the further inquiry is going on.
In alone 2017 40,000 of rape cases has been registered and tons of other rape cases are still not registered due to self-guilty and others personal reasons.
Disclaimer: This is news is confirmed by NDTV, & OneIndia