Love Story of Delhi Metro Commuter, Who fall in love with another Rider.

This all happened in the month of March.
I met one guy at Delhi metro and soon we came into the relationship. Our meet at metro was quite different and after departure at same station we talked as well as we exchanged numbers. Well
we both are of the same religion.This is why it was easier to accept each other. Everything was going on smoothly. But very soon like after 1.5 months, He left me, Although I’m totally hurt by inside but, still I just want that my boy shud always get success in his life. He always deserve the best my love and Take care my superman.Wherever you are by now as you are no more in my link. May my wishes shouldd be received by you. “I love you a lot, my superman.”
Wateva happened was so unexpected
You will be miss me as well.

Written By: Anonymous female.

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