How to avoid politics in office and work like a beast?

To get a job nowadays is a very tough task because job-seekers are plenty while employers are not. That’s why if there is only one vacancy then a number of job-seekers will be more than our guess. In the case of fresher, there is much more problematic because if a good job is not in your hand, then people will start to make sarcasm of yours. But, in case of a job another problem is there which is considered office politics. Office Politics is just like mental bullying. People at your office will try to harass you whether you have done your work with your complete effort. Some of the points are here to be avoided by office politics.

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Be in Your Mentor’s Good Books

It’s right to be in your mentor’s good books because he is the person who will save you when your ass is going to be kicked. He will stay in front of you. If you are good with your mentor’s regarding work, his appraisal would lead to an increment of your respect which will discourage people to bully you.

Make Enormous FriendsĀ 

To be of friendly nature is a good deed because it creates your links with every type of personnel. A person having plenty of friends will never be bullied because people try to bully only those who are of lone nature and no one remains there to stand in front of them.

Remain a Good Guy

Always remain a good guy. Always try to drop a word with everyone and having a little conversation about them from time to time would lead you to better understand them but all of these should be in a limit. It would be better than you don’t indulge in everyone.

Being a Smart Worker

A person who tries to work smartly never gets bullied because he knows how to deal with any situation. He somehow manages to get out of any problem. Smart people are someway different in dealing because they always handle everything lightly and confidently. If you are smart enough then, no will be able to bully you.

Being a Helpful Person

A person who is helpful in nature remains famous among all because everyone will remember him in case of help which would be helpful in making more links. A person who remains involved in social activities will never get bullied because he knows how to deal with different people.