How to avoid politics in office and work like a beast?

To get a job nowadays is a very tough task because job-seekers are plenty while employers are not. That’s why if there is only one vacancy then a number of job-seekers will be more than our guess. In the case of fresher, there is much more problematic because if a good job is not in your hand, then people will start to make sarcasm of yours. But, in case of a job another problem is there which is considered office politics. Office Politics is just like mental bullying. People at your office will try to harass you whether you have done your work with your complete effort. Some of the points are here to be avoided by office politics.

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Be in Your Mentor’s Good Books

It’s right to be in your mentor’s good books because he is the person who will save you when your ass is going to be kicked. He will stay in front of you. If you are good with your mentor’s regarding work, his appraisal would lead to an increment of your respect which will discourage people to bully you.

Make Enormous Friends 

To be of friendly nature is a good deed because it creates your links with every type of personnel. A person having plenty of friends will never be bullied because people try to bully only those who are of lone nature and no one remains there to stand in front of them.

Remain a Good Guy

Always remain a good guy. Always try to drop a word with everyone and having a little conversation about them from time to time would lead you to better understand them but all of these should be in a limit. It would be better than you don’t indulge in everyone.

Being a Smart Worker

A person who tries to work smartly never gets bullied because he knows how to deal with any situation. He somehow manages to get out of any problem. Smart people are someway different in dealing because they always handle everything lightly and confidently. If you are smart enough then, no will be able to bully you.

Being a Helpful Person

A person who is helpful in nature remains famous among all because everyone will remember him in case of help which would be helpful in making more links. A person who remains involved in social activities will never get bullied because he knows how to deal with different people.


Indian Air Force Museum, Air Force Station Palam, Delhi Cantonment – 110010

 Indian Air Force Museum, Air Force Station Palam, Delhi Cantonment – 110010 is situated near the Indira Gandhi Airport Terminal -1. Entry charges are absolutely free for everyone. You can visit Mon-Tue, Wed is closed and Thru-Sunday 10 am to 4 pm evening. Visitors must carry valid ID cards, if the group of 5 people visiting then 1 ID card of a person is necessary and rest of people can visit without ID card.

.Nearest Delhi Metro is Sadar Bazar Cantt Station, you can easily reach by walk to 10 min or take rikshaw they will charge 10 Indian Rupees.

भारतीय वायुसेना संग्रहालय, वायु सेना स्टेशन पालम, दिल्ली छावनी – 110010 | इंडियन वायुसेना संग्रहालय, वायु सेना स्टेशन पालम, दिल्ली छावनी – 110010 इंदिरा गांधी हवाई अड्डे टर्मिनल -1 के पास स्थित है। प्रवेश शुल्क हर किसी के लिए बिल्कुल मुफ्त हैं। आप सोम-ट्यू, बुध बंद हो सकते हैं और रविवार-सुबह 10 बजे से शाम शाम 4 बजे तक जा सकते हैं। आगंतुकों को वैध आईडी कार्ड लेना चाहिए, यदि किसी व्यक्ति के 1 आईडी कार्ड पर जाने वाले 5 लोगों का समूह आवश्यक है और बाकी लोग आईडी कार्ड के बिना जा सकते हैं।

निकटतम दिल्ली मेट्रो सदर बाजार कैंट स्टेशन है, आप आसानी से 10 मिनट तक चल सकते हैं या रिक्शा ले सकते हैं, वे 10 भारतीय रुपये चार्ज करेंगे।

Zerodha the No. 1 Discount Introduce Coin and It’s 100% free for all. No charges Hidden

Biggest Discount broker Zerodha from Banglore introduce Coin which is a direct and indirect Mutual Fund Platform for Zerodha customers in 2017. Now in 2018, they have tons of customers who opted for Direct Mutual fund instead of Regular Mutual Fund. They have quoted in their website about this news “We launched Coin, our direct mutual fund platform in April 2017. Over the last 16 months, 100,000+ clients have invested over Rs 2000 crores in direct mutual funds and saved tens of crores in commissions that they would have otherwise paid a regular mutual fund platform. But, what also had us confused was that only 10% of our client base invested through Coin despite the massive cost savings of investing in direct mutual funds, the convenience of buying in demat along with stocks, and the flexibility of customizing SIPs.”
It is the open challenge to the other direct mutual funds platforms 

Which display or monitor is best for the computer PC in 2018? Under 5000-10000

The computer display is the main thing in the computer PC because without a monitor you cannot watch or see anything. Few people installed TV Display/monitor instead of a computer monitor. There is no doubt that TV display is cheap and affordable and comes in a bigger size, but the key point is that you cannot watch TV display for a long time as you can watch computer PC monitor for a long time. TV display is made for a watch from a far distance at least 5-6 ft and the small detailing and small text you can not see on TV display. The computer monitor has many advantages rather than TV display, So we have done some research over the internet and make a bunch of lists that are available in the Indian market easily.

1. LG 18.5 inch HD LED Backlit Monitor  (19M38H)

Carrier options after 12 standard, What to choose? What not to?

Which Carrier to choose after completing 12th standard is the main point of stress in every student after the result is being declared because there are plenty of streams and one can’t decide at that time which one to choose. Every field looks to be very clear and carrier-maker but it is very difficult to decide which one would take them to next level. Some of the points are here which would somehow help to decide your carrier.

Always look at your interesting subject :
During the course of completion of the 12th phase, everyone is able to estimate that which subject would lead to a better result on our boards. One should now explore his/her information about that subject that what is the scope of this in future or in which fields, it is being used and will be. Always try to maintain a list about all of your interesting subjects if many are there.

Don’t Get Impressed by Other’s Salary and Post :
The point is that if someone you know is at a good post with a handsome salary package, then, it is not necessary that the stream they had chosen would lead you to the same position as theirs. All you can do is, try to explore their stream and gain some information about it and then decide whether is there anything that is going to attract you. If something is there, keep it, otherwise discard it.

Being a Smart Kid :
After collecting information about various streams, discuss it with the people who are in your good looks and who are good in the market as well. Be a good listener at this time but make sure you are not going to make their decision as yours. After this discussion, be patient and then decide by yours that which one would lead to a better extent. Don’t get confused because each stream will have some of the better points than other’s if explored.

Equal Importance :
Always remember that no work is small by its nature. If you think that a stream which cost less will not be the best for you, then it’s a myth. It may be possible that you have your interest in that. So, always listen to your dreams. What you want to depend on you otherwise it will appear as a curse later.

Be Self Confident :
In case, everyone is saying that take this stream, this would lead you to a better future, always try to go for your own interest because people often say what they see of other’s but they don’t see the interest behind someone’s work.

Delhi Metro Challan for sitting on the floor story by : A Traveller

The writer who was fined by Delhi metro was not aware of Fine for sitting on the floor.
Ek baat btao yaar, Ye metro me floor per bethne per fine kab se lagne lag gyaaa. Aaj chandni chowk se rithala aa raa tha arround 14:45 pm Inderlok station aate hi jese hi me floor pe betha. Wo duty wala banda mere sath khada tha…bc ne 1 second me bethte hi pakad liaa…mere sath 4-5 or dhare gaye but alag alag coaches se. Sabko fine pay karne ke liye le gaye. Mene khaa….”sir..mujhe to inhone bethte hi utha liaa jese mere bethne ka wait kar re the” To wo bolaa…”15K sallary hai…aise hi to puri karege” 😂😂😂.
Bola 200 fine karega…
(Jabki Is type ki koi annousment ni thi mertro me us time) Fir 15 mint bakchodi ke farm bhare to 100-100 rs fine kiaa… Iss se acha to bc auto se aa jata me.Or yr…duniya bhar ke love se related R#ndirone yha posts hote hai….koi yr new rules bhi update kar deta yhaa. Or jo ameer baap ki aulaad ye bolne wale hai ki 100 rs ke liye itna likh dia to bhai/behan Paytm no. De dunga…100 rs tum paytm kar dena 😂😂😂
Ab ye btaa do ki
“100 ka “chalaan” kataa hai ya “Chutia”…!!

Love story of Delhi Metro [Station NOIDA SEC 16] in Hinglish | Hindi

It all happened in NOIDA SEC 16 METRO STATION
Where a love story started and after 3 years ended as well!!
love story aisi bni ki khud ka Novel likhna tha …Aaj ek confession bn k rah gaya
Day 1 Journey from offc to home
Started from sec 16 , Time 6pm , totally crowded metro ,usme mujhe uska protect krna ..Duniya ki parvah naa krte huye colleagues ka ghurrna ,unhe ignore karke mujhe dekhna …Khud laxmi Nagar rahne par , Shadipur tk chodne aana ..
Uska wo smile ,manly attitude, innocent face …Pyaar ho gaya
LAST DAY at sec 16
Coincident wahi jagah jaha se chize start hui thi
Last yr se relation Long Distance bn gaya tha ..Last ek saal ka ukhda ukhda ..Naaraz hona yahi sab
Socha jaate jaate uska chehra dikh jaye
Aaj situation alag thi . Jaha sath chalna tha waha bola gaya aap jao mujhe kuch kaam hai
Hath milaya ye soch kar ki kya ye end tha ,hath khich k hug kiya usne ..Phir kya pata kb milna hoga
Ye soch kar rona aa gaya phir mud kar nahi dekha
Aaj ek unknown bandi puchti ..Am his girlfrnd. .Do you guys still talk with each other n apka breakup kaise hua.
Fuck !! I heard this breakup word fr the first time in my relation wo bhi kisi stranger se
Society Situation Distance Destiny …Sabne kar diya alag mil k
Stand lene wala insaan hi aaj sath nahi
Tut gaya aaj phir baar dil
Writer: Unknown 

Love Story of a Delhi Girl in Hindi I Hindi Prem Kahani Dilli Ki

dillee……! jitanee raphtaar se yah sahar chalata hai utanee hee thamee thamee see jindagee hai yahaan kee. in logon ko dekhakar aisa lagata hai jaise inhen intajaar hai kisee ke aane ka| in sabake beech main bhee intajaar kar rahee thee. lekin kisee ke aane ka nahin balki kisee ke paas jaane ka.

ab mere man mein thodee see bhee ulajhan nahin thee bas intajaar tha, usase milane ka. agar thodee bahut ulajhan bachee huee thee to usamen itana dam nahin tha ki vah mujhako rok sake| mujhe lag raha tha ki main chilla-chillaakar saaree duniya se kah doo ki mujhe usase pyaar ho gaya hai. aur kal usase ijahaar karane vaalee hoon.

par bataoon to kaise? kaash meree koee chhotee bahan hotee ya phir koee dost! jisase main apane man kee baat kah paatee. mera man kiya ki mammee ko bata doon. lekin meree ulajhan tab aur badh gaee! jab mujhe khyaal aaya ki-agar unhen pata chala to vah mujhe ghar se baahar bhee na nikalane dege. unhonne gaanv jaroor chhoda tha lekin vahaan ke vichaar nahin.

vaise bhee paapa mammee in cheejon mein kahaan vishvaas rakhate hai aur meree kahaan sunane vaale the. ham gaanv se aakar shahar mein jaroor rahate hai! aur paapa ek uchch pad par sarvis main bhee hai. lekin unake khayaalaat abhee bhee gaanv vaale hain. main yahee soch kar dar jaatee hoon|lekin karoo toh kya karoon! apanee lovai story kisake saath sheyar karoo.

lekin mein use bhula bhee to nahee sakatee hoon. kyonki usako itana pasand jo karatee hoon. khair chhodie! yah ulajhan dimaag mein lie main apane kamare mein aa gayee. aur apana hedaphon lagaakar apane kamare gaane sunane lagee aur daans karane lagee. kuchh samay hua hee tha. tabhee thodee der mein doosare kamare se aavaaj aaee -“aaj sona nahin hai kya? beta 11:00 baj rahe hain! subah kolej nahin jaana kya?”

lekin aaj mere kadam kahaan rukane vaale the. itanee khushee jo ho rahee thee ki shabdo main bayaan karana mushkil tha. mainne naachate hue hee kaha- “haan mammee bas sone hee vaalee hoon aap so jaie|”agar aaj mere koee naachane ka koee majaak udaata to bhee mujhe aaj koee paravaah nahin thee|

abhee mein naach hee rahee thee, tabhee paanee kee tej boonde mere chehare se aakar takaraee aur mujhe aankhen kholane par majaboor kiya| pata nahin us taim mujhe kya soojha? khidakee ke paas jaakar un boondo ke saath khelane lagee. aur apane munh par baar-baar un boondo ko phekane lagee|

itane mein pata nahin mere man mein kya aaya? khidakee band kee aur apanee daayaree nikaalee jahaan par main apane baare mein likhatee theen. aaj bhee mein kuchh apanee lovai story ke baare mein likhane lagee. lekin aaj jo likh rahee thee, vah seedhe mere dil se aa raha tha. maano aisa lag raha tha jaise daayaree se apane man kee baat kar rahee hoon.-

aaj pahalee baar kisee ko aankhon se mainne baat karate hue dekha tha| main usase paas jaakar kuchh kahatee- itane mai usakee tren aa gaee aur use apane saath le gayee.agale din na jaane kyon? usee saamane vaale pletaphaarm par dekhakar main khush thee. shaayad main intajaar kar rahee thee usaka. khair ab aankhon se shuroo huee baaten ishaaron se hone lagee thee|

bade hee ajeeb hote the! “usake ishaare”. samajh to nahin aate the lekin mere chehare par ek muskuraahat jaroor de jaate the|ab samay ke saath mein dheere-dheere mein usake ishaare bhee samajhane lagee thee| vah roj kuchh na kuchh paagalapan karake mujhe hansaata tha. aur ek din to usane had hee paar kar dee. vah mujhe dekh kar jor jor se gaana gaane laga.

isase pahale ki main usase baat karatee usako steshan maastar ne pakad liya aur use apane saath le gaya. us din bahut hansee thee mein. shaayad mujhe bhee usake isee bachapane aur paagalapan se pyaar ho gaya tha| use dekh kar mujhe aisa lagane lagata tha ki jaise mera barason ka intajaar khatm ho gaya ho|

ab jindagee ne ek raphtaar pakad lee thee. yah din itana tejee se beete ki ham donon ko pata hee nahin chala| ham donon har roj steshan par aakar apanee apanee manjilon kee or nikal jaate the| na usane kabhee is or aane kee koshish kee, na maine kabhee us or jaane kee himmat jutaee |

kabhee-kabhee to dil karata tha ki bhaagakar usake paas chalee jaoon aur us se apane dil kee baat kah doon. aur usake saath us safar par chalee jaoon jahaan vah jaata hai| lekin kabhee mere dimaag ne to kabhee mere pairon ne mujhe isakee ijaajat nahin dee. mujhe intajaar tha kal ka. kal ka din mere lie speshal hai, kal ke din vailentain-de jo hai.

agar main kal usase apane dil kee baat na bata paayee to shaayad kabhee na use bata paungee| tabhee mera dhyaan daayaree se hatakar un ghadiyon kee tik tik karatee suiyon ne apanee or kheencha jo vailentain-de shuroo hone ka ishaara kar rahee thee|

meree najar ghadee par gaee! raat ke 12:00 baj rahe the. aaj vah din aa hee gaya jisaka mujhe besabree se intajaar tha| vah pooree raat mein nahin soee usase milane kee itanee jaldee jo thee |
subah jaldee uthakar sabhee kaam kar taiyaar ho gaee. aaj to mainne brekaphaast bhee nahin kiya tha, usase milana jo tha|

aaj main pletaphaarm par samay se pahale hee pahunch gayee aur vahaan paas mein padee bench par intajaar karane lagee usake aane ka.lekin kaaphee samay intajaar karane ke baad bhee vah nahin aaya. mujhe bechainee hone lagee aaj to tren bhee nikal chukee thee, lekin usaka koee pata nahin tha| mere andar ajeeb-ajeeb khyaal aa rahe the. “pata nahin kya hua hoga , kyon nahin aaya|”

vahaan kaaphee samay intajaar karane ke baad mujhe andar se rona aa raha tha sach kahoon to mein dukhee ho gayee thee. man to kar raha tha ki aaj apanee jaan hee de doon. lekin marata kya na karata
bas itanee see thee yah kahaanee………….!

Story By: Ek ladki jo khoye hue hai is tez raftar jindagi me.

14-Year-Old Delhi Girl Raped By her own Stepfather For almost 2 Years

A painter by the profession, who fill colour in people’s life took out the whole colour of life from her own stepdaughter. He is arrested by Delhi Police in case of Rape. Rapes are now common life a normal crime. Small kids who don’t understand what thing it is are suffering most. In alone 2017 many rapes happened simultaneously. In most cases, relatives found guilty.
The 38 years old man was arrested on April 22 by police. Police said in the official statement that the stepfather doing rape for almost 2 years and threatening her every day to not reveal about the incident to anyone.
This case is opened when her mother takes her to the government dispensary for the treatment. Doctors found that she is raped by somebody and they told her mother about that and called the Police as well as Delhi Child Protection Unit (DCPU). The case has been registered and the further inquiry is going on.
In alone 2017 40,000 of rape cases has been registered and tons of other rape cases are still not registered due to self-guilty and others personal reasons.
Disclaimer: This is news is confirmed by NDTV, & OneIndia

Love Story of Delhi Metro Commuter, Who fall in love with another Rider.

This all happened in the month of March.
I met one guy at Delhi metro and soon we came into the relationship. Our meet at metro was quite different and after departure at same station we talked as well as we exchanged numbers. Well
we both are of the same religion.This is why it was easier to accept each other. Everything was going on smoothly. But very soon like after 1.5 months, He left me, Although I’m totally hurt by inside but, still I just want that my boy shud always get success in his life. He always deserve the best my love and Take care my superman.Wherever you are by now as you are no more in my link. May my wishes shouldd be received by you. “I love you a lot, my superman.”
Wateva happened was so unexpected
You will be miss me as well.

Written By: Anonymous female.