How to avoid politics in office and work like a beast?

To get a job nowadays is a very tough task because job-seekers are plenty while employers are not. That’s why if there is only one vacancy then a number of job-seekers will be more than our guess. In the case of fresher, there is much more problematic because if a good job is not in your hand, then people will start to make sarcasm of yours. But, in case of a job another problem is there which is considered office politics. Office Politics is just like mental bullying. People at your office will try to harass you whether you have done your work with your complete effort. Some of the points are here to be avoided by office politics.

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Be in Your Mentor’s Good Books

It’s right to be in your mentor’s good books because he is the person who will save you when your ass is going to be kicked. He will stay in front of you. If you are good with your mentor’s regarding work, his appraisal would lead to an increment of your respect which will discourage people to bully you.

Make Enormous FriendsĀ 

To be of friendly nature is a good deed because it creates your links with every type of personnel. A person having plenty of friends will never be bullied because people try to bully only those who are of lone nature and no one remains there to stand in front of them.

Remain a Good Guy

Always remain a good guy. Always try to drop a word with everyone and having a little conversation about them from time to time would lead you to better understand them but all of these should be in a limit. It would be better than you don’t indulge in everyone.

Being a Smart Worker

A person who tries to work smartly never gets bullied because he knows how to deal with any situation. He somehow manages to get out of any problem. Smart people are someway different in dealing because they always handle everything lightly and confidently. If you are smart enough then, no will be able to bully you.

Being a Helpful Person

A person who is helpful in nature remains famous among all because everyone will remember him in case of help which would be helpful in making more links. A person who remains involved in social activities will never get bullied because he knows how to deal with different people.


Carrier options after 12 standard, What to choose? What not to?

Which Carrier to choose after completing 12th standard is the main point of stress in every student after the result is being declared because there are plenty of streams and one can’t decide at that time which one to choose. Every field looks to be very clear and carrier-maker but it is very difficult to decide which one would take them to next level. Some of the points are here which would somehow help to decide your carrier.

Always look at your interesting subject :
During the course of completion of the 12th phase, everyone is able to estimate that which subject would lead to a better result on our boards. One should now explore his/her information about that subject that what is the scope of this in future or in which fields, it is being used and will be. Always try to maintain a list about all of your interesting subjects if many are there.

Don’t Get Impressed by Other’s Salary and Post :
The point is that if someone you know is at a good post with a handsome salary package, then, it is not necessary that the stream they had chosen would lead you to the same position as theirs. All you can do is, try to explore their stream and gain some information about it and then decide whether is there anything that is going to attract you. If something is there, keep it, otherwise discard it.

Being a Smart Kid :
After collecting information about various streams, discuss it with the people who are in your good looks and who are good in the market as well. Be a good listener at this time but make sure you are not going to make their decision as yours. After this discussion, be patient and then decide by yours that which one would lead to a better extent. Don’t get confused because each stream will have some of the better points than other’s if explored.

Equal Importance :
Always remember that no work is small by its nature. If you think that a stream which cost less will not be the best for you, then it’s a myth. It may be possible that you have your interest in that. So, always listen to your dreams. What you want to depend on you otherwise it will appear as a curse later.

Be Self Confident :
In case, everyone is saying that take this stream, this would lead you to a better future, always try to go for your own interest because people often say what they see of other’s but they don’t see the interest behind someone’s work.

Results of the UP board exams will be announced this month: Deputy Chief Minister

Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Dinesh Sharma said that results of high school and intermediate examinations of Secondary Education Council (Upper Board) will be declared this month and new academic session commences from April 16. After inaugurating a school, Sharma told reporters that he was happy that this time there were untoward exams and answer papers were examined in time. We will announce the results of high school and intermediate examinations in April itself.

He said that in future, this work will be done in colleges and universities so that the academic session can be regular. Universities have been asked to declare all the test results in any condition till 15th June. The next year, all the universities should take the exam together, this is also the government is making efforts. Sharma, who also holds the responsibility of the Secondary and Higher Education Department of the state, said that in order to solve the problems of teachers, the government has set up a portal in which teachers will have to upload their problem. Any problem related to their services will be resolved by June. All officers have been instructed for this.

Sharma said that now there will be a course on the NCRT pattern in secondary schools. The new teaching session will be started on April 16. New academic calendar will be issued by July. The Deputy Chief Minister said that the government has defeated the copy mafias in the entire state including Jaunpur and those who are still out of the mafia will be labeled as next year.

Earlier, addressing the function after inauguration of the school, Sharma said that the state government is undertaking intense campaign against the criminals to strengthen the law and order. He said that Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ramji Ambadkar had the vision that when a Dalit person sits on the highest constitutional post, the constitution will be preserved. That dream has come to the BJP. Today, a Dalit has reached the top post of the country, the President’s chair, as Ramnath Kovind, the BJP has done this.